Mumbai Noir 

Anthology (Collection of short stories) Edition
Type: Anthology (Collection of short stories)

Genre: Noir


Release: Mar 2012
Publishers: (India) , (US)

Language : English
Price : 193

To be Released (Novel) Edition
Dreams don’t determine destiny. Trying to live them does.

PRANEETI is the story of a woman’s journey through life; a journey of discovery and transformation, of freedom and choice, of love and sacrifice and that one thing which no one can predict; a woman’s heart.

PRANEETI is Riaz’s first full novel. In Praneeti he tells the storyof the extraordinary choices of a young girl who is determined not to stay ordinary and the lives of two men intricately impacted by them.

Type: Novel (ebook)
Genre: Romance / Human Drama
Reviews: (To be Released)
Release: Jan 2014
Price: TBD
Language : English
Price : 0