The Hindi Film Song is a tool to move the story forward, to aid the narrative and a large part of that responsibility lies with the lyricist. The lyrics, along with the composition, capture the mood of the situation – the pathos of a tragedy, the magic of a romance, the anguish of a separation, the playfulness of a tiff. 

       When an anguished Dilip Kumar, separated from his lover by an act of fate sings “Sine me sulgatehainarmaan / aankhon me udasichayihain” the pain and tragedy of separation is conveyed far more compellingly than any dialogue. When Raj Kapoor, about to step on an insect side-steps it, puts it on a leaf and keeps it securely in a corner before singing ‘Kisi kimuskurahatonpe ho nisar’ the character of the full of goodness, idealist poor man is established independently.

          Simple words, delicately woven by the hands of a master craftsman, set to soulful tunes, sung with emotion and picturised with a feel for the situation have created moments of magic that have endured time and preferences. The effort of this column will be to reminisce about such masterpieces and relive those magic moments from the myriad and prolific world of Bollywood music.

            The lyrics when understood in the context of the given song situation provides a dimension to our understanding that accentuates the experience of listening to it. Hence we also provide you with a link to listen to the song as you rummage through its context.

             I hope this provides you with a complete experience like never before. Listen, read, experience.